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Place of manufacture

The diversified global manufacturing brings to Phare Médica an extraordinary solidity in terms of reliability and availability of materials in the supply chain. To choose the manufacturing location that best suits your situation, we take into account:

  • Your geographic location;

  • The policies in force in your country or in the country of your users;

  • Budget allocated to the project.



2 partner factories in the manufacture of plastic instruments and equipment:  

  • Protective equipment (glasses, visors, screens, etc.);

  • Laboratory equipment (burettes, graduated container, sampling containers, etc.);

  • Specialized classification equipment (display, etc.);

  • Various distributors: masks, disinfectant gel, etc.

1 surgical mask factory (adult 1-2-3 pediatric 1-2-3 compatible MRI and N95)


3 partner factories in the manufacture of metal instruments and equipment  (aluminum, steel, stainless steel) :  

  • Stands for vending machines;

  • Hand washing stations;

  • Various wall brackets;

  • IV pole;

  • Utility carts.

United States

1  partner factory in the manufacture of specialized equipment and furniture (metals aluminum, steel, stainless) such as:  

  • Case carts, available to measure;

1  partner factory in the manufacture of law enforcement equipment.


2 partner factories in the manufacture of personal protective equipment:

  • Medical examination gloves;

  • Surgical masks;

  • Electrodes.


Manufacturing processes


Product development service with process

plastic injection, molding, tonnage ...:

  • Design and analysis of molds;

  • Prototype and production molds;

  • Injection and / or transfer and compression molds;

  • Bi-Injection or overmoula;

  • Analysis of parts and recommendations;

  • Several levels of analysis.

Product development service with plastic machining process *:

  • Digital Cutting;

  • Laser cutting and engraving;

  • Hot folding and assembly / gluing.

* The combination of the performance of our machinery with the precision of data processing allows to considerably reduce the constraints and widens the field of possibilities. This allows, among other things, to meet the requirements of the most complex digital cutting projects! Our computer programming ensures precise digital cutting, the machining of parts in series, as well as fast and quality production.


Product development service;

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • Welding

  • Folding

  • Robotization equipment

  • Finish *


We have a large production capacity thanks to our positioning

advantageous in the aluminum valley, located in Saguenay, Canada.

* Finishing of metallic products includes the application of baked powder paints.

This is available regardless of the projects and types of metals used in their manufacture.

Ingénierie & Conception
Conception et services


Design of a new product

Can't find the product you're looking for?  We can design it for you!


  • A design project is often much less expensive than you might think.

  • A personalized product can go a long way in helping you stand out from the competition.

  • The expertise of our engineering team combined with the improvement requests formulated by your customers and / or users, assures you of a product that meets new market standards.

  • The experience of our staff and our many partners allows us to optimize the profitability of the processes involved in the tailor-made design of your product.

At Phare Médica, we can provide you with solutions at very short notice, sometimes even within hours.

Because design and engineering is often the introduction of the turnkey product development process, here are the different stages that are linked, through our different departments:

  1. Customer needs  

  2. Engineering & product design

  3. Presentation of proposals with different options

  4. (free submission and quick return times)  

  5. Optimization and adjustments

  6. Technical drawings

  7. Design, labeling and identification

  8. Validation  

  9. Manufacturing

  10. Approval under different standards such as:

  11. ASTM, DIN, NPN, ISO, FDA, CE, Health Canada, CSA ...  

  12. Packaging

  13. Logistics

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Livraison internationale
Livraison Internationale.jpg


No matter your location, Phare Médica's logistics service will support you.  

  • Delivery from one end of the planet to the other according to a flexible Incoterm plan.

  • 100% of the delivery logistics can be taken care of by our professional team.


You just need to determine where it is most cost effective to deliver your products, whether it be at the port, for independent pick-up, at your warehouse, or directly at branches.  


Phare Médica also takes care of the packaging of your products, according to your standards.  In unitary mode as well as in quantitative mode per box, the same also applies to palletizing.

Marques privées
Marques privées-vierge.jpg



Because a personalized product can greatly help you stand out from the competition, Phare Médica operates a private label service for many of our clients.

  • Choice of container or packaging;

  • Addition of your company logo;

  • Respect of your quotes and specifications.


Our private label department also offers a graphic design / adaptation service in order to incorporate your brand image and / or adapt it to a personalized design for your product.

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